Activities of the Network

Activities of the network are based on educating and raising awareness about the importance of social responsibility, the importance of the integration of socially responsible strategies in the operation of businesses and other organizations, and also presenting positive effects of integration of best practices from corporate social responsibility into their business strategy.


Activities of the network of social responsibility are based on the cooperation of network members on projects that are targeted to socially responsible behavior. Members of the network are involved in activities within the network, but may propose their own activities in accordance with the principles of operation of the network.


The main sets of activities of the Network for Corporate Social Responsibility Slovenia:


- Informing the members about topics related to social responsibility

- Exchange and transfer of good practices at national and international level

- Education and professional training of Network members

- Advocacy of social responsibility in public institutions in Slovenia and the EU

- Promotion and dissemination of the concept of social responsibility in business and among the general public

- Advice on introducing the concept of social responsibility in the business strategy of the Members (mainly the implementation of IS0 26000 - Guidelines for Corporate Social Responsibility)


Members are obliged to cooperate, with an open attitude and respect. They share information with other members, accept responsibility to work together and support individual members in their activities, when it comes to promoting socially responsible action.


Events and activities

Best practices