Concept of socially responsible event organisation

With the intention to implement social responsibility in practice, we have taken some stept to make the conference socially responsible and sustainable:




The conference participants are encouraged to use public transport for access to the venue. We also organize a car sharing scheme for those traveling by car. Participants are asked to indicate on the application form if they have a place in the car and can offer transportation to fellow conference participants, or when looking for transport. Use this opportunity, to minimize the impact on the environment and start networking with your fellow participants early.




All meals and drinks served at conference will be largely made up of local crop production, with special emphasis on seasonal offers. We will also limit the service of bottled beverages to the greatest extent possible.


Printed materials


All printed materials used for the conference will beprinted on the recycled paper  to the greatest extent possible.  We will try that we print only the bare minimum material and thus limit the amount of waste material.

Events and activities

Best practices